Friday, October 19, 2012

I am working on a new website that is aimed more at professionals in the areas of CG animation and filmmaking.  The new site will include more information about the features related to those fields, while will likely remain geared more to a general audience.  It is almost complete and will be found on

A am offering a few copies of Howler 8 today at half price to cover the costs of the website.  That offer can be found over on

I'd like to renew our domain at, because we've had it for quite a while.  It's been mostly my personal site for the last few years, but it started out as a combined site for my professional and personal information, my resume, and all the stuff about my 2 novels about squirrels.  That's where the "squirreldome" came from.

I also want to add a site at Wix, because they make doing flash stuff fairly easy.

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