Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Are you press?

If your a member of the press, run a blog, or just like reviewing stuff, take a look.  The free-software-for-review model is actually one that works pretty well for everyone involved.


The new version of Howler 8 paint and animation software for Windows is now available for press review. Howler 8 is highly optimized for tablets and small sized pcs of all kinds, and runs like blazes on workstations, with full-screen, real-time performance of image processing filters and animation tools on any hardware.

Howler 8 is a full natural media painting experience, with the benefit added high-end of tools for the film-making and special effects communities that are not featured in even the more expensive competing programs, such as SSE accelerated motion prediction technology to intelligently re-time video sequences, camera stabilization and motion removal, rotoscoping, and more.

No matter what hardware you run on, Howler 8 delivers a fast and robust media creation experience, in addition to full artistic freedom to create natural looking artwork, textures, and digital matte paintings.

Contact for Press Review Copies of Howler 8:

Howler 8 Features:

  • Full natural media simulation optimized for tablets.
  • Real-time, full screen filters even on modest hardware, instead of postage stamp sized previews.
  • Paint complex animations with simple brush strokes using our fully featured animation system.
  • Re-time video using motion prediction technology.
  • Perform rotoscoping and camera stabilization for film quality special effects work.
  • Paint realistic trees and foliage with a single brush stroke.
  • 3D rendering and animating: Scenery, height maps, text, or anything you can paint.
  • Apply filters to animations very quickly with a keyframe based timeline.
  • Advanced color mixing, such as being able to mix true complementary colors.
  • Advanced symmetry works not only with brush strokes, but with filters and other tools.

Available now for Windows 8, 7, XP. Howler 8 is priced at $99.00 and can be found at

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